It's time to introduce to our Services

We are the Dealers and Suppliers of raw round wood logs. cut size timber of Rose wood teal wood, Mahogany, Jungle Wood all purpose woods for Apartment, House constructions, furniture’s . we mainly focus onto providing ready size timber which can be used for Window Frames and shutters, Main door frames and shutters, Furniture’s, Dinning Tables, Etc

Our Services

We have three levels processing the wood :

Rough Saw (Conversion) Logs are debarked and bunked and cut to different lengths using Circular Saw or Band saws. The cut is done in two formats:

– Through Sawn

– Quarter Swan

Re-Sawing: We do further precise cut and finish the wood accurately for smoothing and further machining. In our premises, we do remove curved edges to give you best board.

In our processing, we take complete care to reduce the wood wastage. Our scientific method of cutting achieves board of maximum possible length and width.

Wood Logs: Year after year we are setting new benchmarks in providing the Wood Logs in the domestic market. We provide logs of various grades and sizes of native and exotic timber varieties to satisfy different attributes. Our team of experts identifies requirements and accordingly deliver the Wood Logs based on specific gravity, moisture content, porousness, shrinkage, extrinsic cell contents, figure, smell, and cell size, type etc..

Cut Sizes for Building Construction: Since long wood has been considered as an excellent material in construction due to its durability and flexibility. The different kinds of woods have different construction quality and capabilities. Our team of experts and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment can produce timber with varying length, width and sizes to meet your requirements and ensure minimum wastage.

Door Frames and Doors: We offer extensive variety of wooden Door Frames that includes External Door Frames, Internal Door Frames and Frame Side Lights of all standard lengths. As our ample resources and huge infrastructure, we are able to provide precisely designed solid wood Door Frames and Doors with appropriate thickness. Our high-end machinery and skilled staff are able to provide customized wooden Door Frames and Doors in required designs to give complete satisfaction to our clients. We promise you to give high-quality timber, long lasting polish and pest resistance products.

Window Frames and Shutters: Made from premium quality wood our Window Frames are best in quality and durability. Precisely carved and the elegance of wood they carry is enough to make any interior extraordinary. With the use of high quality machinery we provide interior and exterior Window Shutter with very smooth, mortised and rabbeted quality in the best possible timber.

CFT(Cubic Feet): Cubic feet is the unit  in which we calculate the volume of the space required for the particular product. With the proper measurement makes transportation easier and reliable.

Tones: We have the capabilities to process different kinds of wood, and produce a variety of tones. But we hold specialty in Rosewood (Shesham) Teak and Jungle Wood. We not only shape the wood but color it to bring the different shades to life. Rosewood is one of the hardest, and we carve it to give best luster and durability. Similarly, Teak which is known for being very strong can take beautiful and sophisticated cuts. The aging figures of the mature wood and our finishing touch will bring a masterpiece to your home and add to your status.