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Rose Wood Logs Teak Wood , Timber Cut Size , All kind of Wood Available under one roof .

Bulk Teak wood Supply - For B2B and B2C
Teak Wood Cut Size

We provide Teak wood Cut size for House Construction Door Frames , Main Doors, Window Frames, Window Shutter, Etc

Rose Wood Logs for B2B B2C

For Geninue Orders for Commercial or Personal Use Visit us or Ring us

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“Haq Enterprises is one stop Solution for all your wood purposes from The Rose Wood , Teak Wood, Jungle Wood, Mahogany, all types of other wood .”

– Haq Enterprises

New Arrivals

Rose round logs

Rose Wood Round Logs arrived for all purpose for Main Doors or Furniture .

Teak Wood

Teak wood logs ready for multi purpose for House construction or for furniture use.

Teak Wood Collection

All our Teak wood are custom made sizes based on to your list we shall provide you the cut size timber according to your requirement

Our Rose Wood and Teak wood Collections

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